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Selling mortgages, and a collapsed economy in my face, it hit me: None of that matters anymore, you gotta figure out something new to do. Even though mortgages was all I knew. Don’t matter, figure it out bud.

Sitting on a brown leather in my sunken living room, I was staring at an off TV thinking “how to people figure out stuff like this.” And out of nowhere a thought pixie slapped me upside the head and whispered “Books” in my ear. Oh, yeah – those things!

Hopped in my car and cruised to the local “Bookstar” store. They don’t have a “figure your life out” section. So, let’s go with “Personal Development.” Ok, I’m not prepared for this many options. As I surveyed the options, most of them were covered by Tony Robbins’ huge face. Not ready for all that.

My eyes scanned the shelves looking for guidance, my eye kept catching on 1 book. Must have been the pixie. The spine said “Think and Grow Rich.” Hmmm….. Think……..and….Grow…..Rich??!! Plus, it’s not too expensive and it’s not very long. Yeah, Ok, I partially chose it because it was short. Don’t judge me.

Went home and plopped down and started reading. I’m not a strong reader. This is abnormal. I basically read the minimum in College. Some cliff notes. I actually attended almost all of my classes just so I didn’t have to do all the reading. Nope – wasn’t an A student.

Nobody told me that day though. I probably sat and read for 4 hours. Got up the next day and read as much as I could stand. I think I killed that book in about 48 hours. Which would be bordering on a miracle.

“Holy Shit!” was my reaction. GAME CHANGER!! I remember thinking “Are you kidding me? There is information THIS good out there. In books. And it’s just sitting there and not in my brain??? Why didn’t anyone tell me”

I have to do something about this.

So down the knowledge hole I went. Think and Grow Rich > How to Win Friends and Influence People > Law of Attraction > The Game > Ross Jeffries >> Neuro-Linguistic Programing??!!!?  GAME CHANGER   This is like seeing into “The Matrix“.

Wow, who does this “NLP” stuff for sales?? That would be amazing. Google = Uh oh. Time to go 1-on-1 with The Giant. One name came up: Tony Robbins. Aight, let’s do this Giant. Seminar, Seminar, book, book.

Now we are 11 years and probably 80-90 books later. Plus blogs, audiobooks, articles, seminars, podcasts, quests for knowledge ……… my life and brain are sooo much better and happier.  And I want to share that knowledge – and some chuckles – with you.


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