Damn, there is so much great knowledge out there. Did you know that “BOOKS” are full of smart?? No, I mean like life changing, I-wish-I-knew-that-years-ago type stuff.

I know that I was waaaayyy late to the game figuring it out. And I know that a lot of you are too busy to read as much as you ‘should’. And that is why you need me.

I still remember how it started for me. It started in June of 2008. After 11  years …..Click to continue


31 Laws – Third

March 28th, 2023|Money|

Reading Notes for: Peter Diamandis’ 32 Laws 11. When faced without a challenge, make one. Everything worth doing is hard. When you progress, step-by-step, toward a goal this is important [...]

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What’s up in Mortgage Today – 3.24.23

March 24th, 2023|0 Comments

Wild morning on the bond market. MBS now down 2 bps. Though there was 26 bps of movement (both directions) to get here. Back to "Zero Days" Without a Systemic Banking Contagion Flare-Up. [...]

What’s up in Mortgage Today – 3.23.23

March 23rd, 2023|0 Comments

UMBS are up 8 bps and S&P up 37 points. Bonds began the overnight session drifting very gently stronger but began losing ground during European trading hours. Several central banks hiked rates as [...]

31 Laws – Second 5

March 23rd, 2023|0 Comments

Reading Notes for: Peter Diamandis’ 32 Laws 6. When forced to compromise, ask for more. 7. If it’s worth doing, it’s got to be done right now. Perfect is the [...]

What’s up in Mortgage Today – 3.22.23

March 22nd, 2023|0 Comments

MBS off 20 bps early.....again. It was a boring trading session in both Asia and Europe. The latter say a bit of an additional "risk-on" move with EU stocks and bond yields moving [...]

What’s up in Mortgage Today – 3.8.23

March 21st, 2023|0 Comments

MBS -.27 on the open. 10y is up 10 bps. Bonds were moderately to sharply weaker in the overnight session, led by a risk-on trade in Europe. The absence of new drama in [...]

31 Laws – First 5

March 21st, 2023|0 Comments

Reading Notes for: Peter Diamandis’ 32 Laws If anything can go wrong, Fix It!!… to hell with Murphy! From the interview with Peter than spawned this blog series, [...]

What’s up in Mortgage Today – 3.20.23

March 20th, 2023|0 Comments

MBS down 9 bps to start the week. Treasuries hit their lowest yields since September right at the start of the European trading session as the UBS takeover of Credit Suisse was initially [...]


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