Did you know that this is A Thing??

A whole bunch of you are going to say “Yeah, Duh”.

And a bunch are going to say “Oh, no shit?!”

We were talking about this at lunch the other day, and the guys I was with had no idea.  Did you know that

Yup, you can tell what kind of phone is texting by the color of their bubbles.  Blue means they are running an iPhone and Green is another brand.

Is your mind blown?   Probably not.   Just for fun though, let’s add a wrinkle to this.   Did you know that Bubble Prejudice is actually something that happens out there in the real world (or IRL for you Millenials)?

Back in April, the New York Times wrote an article about women who refuse to date men who don’t have iPhones.  Quoted in the article, ““It’s just a turnoff if they don’t [have an iPhone],” she says. “On Tinder, you message someone [within the app] for awhile and then you exchange numbers. You’re like, ‘I hope it’s blue,’ and it’s a relief when it is.”

For real.   You just read that.

Hell, check out the headlines of a simple Google search

There’s a technical explanation for this. Android’s messaging app uses plain old SMS (Short Message Service), the venerable standard for text messages that get transmitted over a phone’s cellular connection. Apple’s Messages app is compatible with SMS (and identifies SMS messages with the dreaded green bubble), but it’s really built around Apple’s proprietary iMessage protocol, which runs over an internet connection. That allows for a lot more functionality.

A recent Fast Company article quotes a speculation of devious motives.  “While I have zero evidence of this, I’d wager a strong bet the group at Apple who designed this did extensive research on the most off-putting color of green in existence and chose that for the green bubble color. There is some psychology at play here for sure, and that was brilliant by Apple’s iMessage team.”

What’s the solution?   Well, obviously that we all that we all just be totally understanding and never judge each other!

What?  That’s not gonna happen?   Ok, well here’s what I’ve been doing for the better part of a year.   Grayscale!   And I love it.

I have my phone set to toggle back and forth to grayscale.   Yep, good ole black and white!!

Blasphemy you say?!   Yep and nope.  But I retort with: Science, Fool!

The cell phone companies have actually designed their phones and aps to give you provocative burst and blips of color to MAKE YOU USE THEM MORE.  Check out: Former Google Designer Says 1 Simple Trick Can Curb Your Smartphone Addiction

Per the article, every 12 minutes.  That’s how often Americans check their phones, according to a recent study by global tech company Asurion (same people who replace your broken phone). That means we check our phones at least 80 times a day. For Millennials, the rate is almost twice as high. Studies have found that Millennials grab their phones 150 times a day.

“We have this belief that technology is neutral. That it’s always up to us to us to choose what we post on Facebook, how we use Snapchat, or what we use our phone for. What this misses is that there is this attention economy where every company needs to maximize how much attention it gets from you. There’s a whole playbook of techniques to do that.”

One such technique your favorite apps employ is strategic use of color.

“New research shows how important color is to our understanding of priorities and emotion,” writes New York Times Disruptions columnist Nick Bilton. “We’re simple animals, excited by bright colors.” Of course, the Silicon Valley technology bigs know this. Just look at your home screen. That enticing rainbow of color is no mistake.

By turning your phone on Grayscale, you get to live LIFE in full color — by putting your phone down.   It’s kinda cool.   Just google up how to make the change.   On both platforms you can easily toggle back and forth when you need it.

Researchers have also linked a litany of health complications to excessive screen time.   From headaches to insomnia, it’s messing us up: https://www.insider.com/how-your-phone-affects-your-health-2018-6

Plus, it has a nice side effect that I have found in my personal life.   Since the primary selling point on phone upgrades are bigger and brighter screens – and you have just effectively neutralized the impact of THAT – you have less incentive to upgrade.   I still have an iPhone 6S next to my computer.

I dare you to try it.   Oh, make your kids try it too.   😉

Just know that, whatever bubble color you are, I still love you.   Because you are all gray to me.