All thoughts have power, but thoughts in combination with strong emotion are the most powerful. A majority of your thoughts, then, have no great attracting power. They are more of less maintaining what you have already attracted.

And so, can you see the value of spending 10-15 min per day deliberately setting forth powerful thoughts that evoke great, passionate, positive emotion in order to attract the circumstances and events into your life experience that are to your wanting??

Here is the process: You are going to go to a kind of Creative Workshop every day – not for a long period of time (15-20 min). Before you begin this process, it is important that you be happy, for if you go there unhappy or feeling no emotion, then your work will not be of great value, for your attracting power will not be there.

Your job here in this workshop is to assimilate data that you have been collecting from your real-life experiences (as you travel though life seeing things you desire). Your work here is to bring the data together in a sort of picture of yourself, one that satisfies and pleases you.

You will prepare a picture of yourself from which you will begin attracting into your experience the essence of that which has been pleasing to you. Being aware that the law of attraction exist is the most important part of utilizing it deliberately. Since the LOA is always responding to your thoughts, a deliberate focusing of your thought is important. Two subjects that are of interest to you and think about them in a way that benefits you. Focus on the results of your goals and the law of attraction will help you achieve them.