Short Notes on “The 8th Habit”  

By Steven Covey

What is your voice at work? What makes you ,   you?

A great many businesses can’t keep up with our knowledge/worker age. Too much industrial age thinking.  Employers need to expand their way of thinking to stay ahead.

Finding your inner voice= 8th Habit. Starts with encouraging people to think creatively and respecting them.

Use your gifts. You have Freedom of Choice.  This includes how we react to life’s challenges.  Applicable to every part of your life.

  • Intellectual Intelligence = what you know.
  • Mental intelligence = think abstractly.
  • Emotional Intelligence = Ability to empathize with others. Communicate better.    Spiritual Intelligence = Moral compass

Leaders help others find their voice and recognize potential.
-Need a vision and strategy that provides a direction.
-Set an example by executing with discipline.
-Be Passionate • Enthusiastic
-Manage structures within organization.

Then you have-to employ your 4 Intelligences.

Take action to change habits. You are not a victim.

You have the power to change things.

Mutual trust is the Key to relationships.

Know when to say sorry.

Make good on your promises.

Be kind and friendly. Offer to help.    Don’t gossip. It shows you as not trustworthy.

Sometimes trusting someone else is the key to being trusted.  Shows you recognize their value.

Best way to quell a conflict is to really listen.

Why do they see it that way?


Maybe you just didn’t understand.

All organizations should have a core value Structure that everyone can align to.

-Are actions of people congruent?

-Nobody is on track all of the time.

Empower people to find and use their passion.

People lose motivation when they don’t have enough freedom. or responsibility

-Let them make some important decisions and evaluations.