Jocko Monday 6

By |2022-02-06T14:12:36-07:00March 21st, 2022|Money|

Remain Vigilant It wasn't in war. It wasn't in battle. It isn't in the melee of fire and destruction that most of us succumb to weakness. We are [...]

Jocko Monday 4

By |2022-02-06T14:11:49-07:00February 28th, 2022|Money|

"Between the acting of a dreadful thing And it's first motion, all the interim is like a phantasma or hideous dream."                 [...]

Jocko Monday 3

By |2022-02-06T14:11:01-07:00February 21st, 2022|Money|

There is one instinct to be wary of - one that you must fight.  This one is a liar. This one is a saboteur - a backbiter.  And [...]

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