This is an interesting one that I have had bouncing around in my head a while.
I think it’s a fun little thought exercise to reframe your view of…..everything.

There is No Such Thing as Random

Let that one sink in and marinate a bit.

I’m pretty sure this came from a Joe Rogan podcast with Firas Zahabi.  Zahabi is one of the top fight trainers in the world, and an amateur philosopher.  He has some solid points.    If you think Rogan is just a guy who talks over fights, go check your sources.  He’s (not so) quietly becoming one of the most influential people in the nation.

Anyways, Zahabi posed the philosophical argument that There is No Such Thing as Random it’s just science that we don’t understand yet.
Science that we don’t understand yet.
This makes sense if you really think about speed of advancement in our civilization.

I live in Arizona.   People live to be 100 now.  So 4 people (400 yrs) ago, Arizonans thought that weather was controlled by dancing and small pox was an angry God.    Where are we going to be in 400 years from now?

And 400 yrs is a blip in history.   The pyramids are 5000 years old.

There is also Moore’s Law.  Moore’s Law refers to Moore’s perception that the number of transistors on a microchip doubles every two years, though the cost of computers is halved.   So, basically, every 2 years the computing power PER DOLLAR doubles.   I have heard that this has been tracked back and holds basically true for the last 100 years.

On the show they used the example of a pool game that starts with you “breaking” the balls.    Most people would say that is random.

Is it though?   WHAT IF you could do it again, with the exact same force with the exactly same racking of balls, with the exact same angle of cue, with the exact same moisture in the air, with the exact same barometric pressure, and the cue ball hitting at the exact same speed and the same exact spot?

What then?

You might say “impossible.”   However, is that just impossible now?  Or impossible FOREVER.   What about the science that is known 5 million years from now?  Do you think that our learning curve is going to stop?

If you went back in time to pre-Civil War and pulled a piece of glass out of your pocket and used it to speak to anyone in the World – they would shoot you in the face.  They would stone you as a witch.

My Dad died 7 years ago at 88.   I showed him what an ipad could do.  Blew his mind.

We are mapping and changing the human genome now.

So, what if there is no such thing as random?   It’s just science that we haven’t discovered yet.   Kinda opens some interesting perspectives on how religions where created.  Though MORE IMPORTANTLY – That would mean that everything is under our control.  Everything is under our control and our we determine our life experience – as long as we analyze properly and at a scientific level.

We, as people, can do anything!    The world is limitless.

I like that