Pre-Suppositon #6:  Calibrate to behavior.

The most important information about a person is that person’s behavior.

I am on a plane right now as I am writing this. And we are off-coarse. I know it. I just freaking know that we are off course!

I know we are because almost every airline flight is off course (As defined by “most direct path”)something like 90% of the time. But they always seem to get there. How?

They get there because it’s only the beginning and ending that matter. To the travelers we only really care that you pick me up at the right place and drop me off in the right place.

It’s “Where am I now,” and “where am I going”?  That’s what really matters.

And it’s the same for the people you are trying to inspire. Whether it’s your friends, your kids, or your employees. Where are we now and where are we going?

In the middle, we are going to use the our NLP tools to show them new possibilities.  To create a new “the best I can.”

Then you are going to give them resources to accomplish things.   And they are going to take your resources.   Because they are going to act in their best interest.  Also, they aver going to believe in you because you have rapport (not the same thing as a job title!!!).

THIS is how you propel the people you are working with FORWARD.

Now it’s about getting to the right destination. How do you go that? You check and recalibrate.  You will constantly check progress and recalibrate.  You calibrate the Behaviors to get there.

The pilot of this plane will not change who he is to get us to the right airstrip. He will change his behavior and turn the plane.

In business, Dennis Sivers famously said “No idea ever survives first contact with the Customer. ”

So you calibrate and change, calibrate and Change. It’s the same with you and the people you communicate with.

If their behavior isn’t going to reach the Goal, they have to calibrate and change their behavior. If ALL of them aren’t doing the right behaviors – then you must calibrate your behavior to get a better plan or better rapport.