This passage is about phobias.   However, it’s equally applicable to any of the other things that we tell ourselves is true.   Our rules, our thoughts, our guiding beliefs and principles.

We have all heard the expression “Perception is Reality.”   Which is interesting because it is simultaneously both True and Untrue.

It’s Untrue because – in reality – Nothing means anything.

Read that a little slower.   Nothing………means……..anything.

Think about it.   If I magically gifted you the ability to think about 1 thing for 3 hours, you would not be come up with any 1 thing that is universally given the same meaning/value by all people.

A flower is beautiful?   Not if you have an allergy.
A newborn child is stinky to some people.
Eating an apple is good.    <whiny voice> it’s not organic.
$100 is all the money in the world at one time – and a good lunch another.
Hell, many people think IPA’s taste good.  🙂

Realizing that nothing has a universal truth is realizing Nothing has A Meaning.   It’s all subjective to the evaluation of the people interacting with the event/stimulus.   Then we all run that through our “filters” of past experiences.   All of the “this equals this” rules we have been learning since birth.

Which brings us to the hinge point of “Perception equals reality.”   Since nothing means anything other than the meaning we give them, we believe that Perception is Reality.

What most people don’t realize is – This also empowers us to radically improve our reality

I want you to Clear the Cookies of your Perception.   Start over

Yeah, I know it’s a lot of work AND it’s worth it.   Consider realizing that your Perception is Malleable.   It’s not written in stone.  You ….Can….Improve it.

You can improve your reality by reconsidering your Rules for Perception.   Your Rules for Reality.    Take the time to ask “Where did I get my definition of good/bad or this-equals-that?”

The word you just heard can never be unheard

My first realization of the power of this came about 4-5 years ago  by Dr. Matt James (originator of this quote).    In the seminar, I learned that about 70% of our personality is developed before we are 7 yrs old.   70% before 7 years old.

If the brain works like a computer (it does) then it’s crucial to ask:  Who is doing the programming?

Who were the primary programmers when you were 0-7 years old?   How long ago was that?   How much has programming improved since then?   It might be a good idea to consider some new programming.

My realization came when I realized that, for most people, their parents were only in their early 20’s when they were born.   And let’s face it – Most people don’t know SHIT in their early 20’s.

Think back to your early 20’s and ponder the things you thought were true – versus what you think/know now.   For me, that’s colossal.   Hell, the things I have learned about life over the last 5 years is staggering.

Now, adjust that for the difference in general “stuff we know now” versus what people knew when our parents were in their 20’s.   We would be driving our cars with no seatbelt to smoke while pregnant on airplanes.

The word you just heard can never be unheard

The brain is an amazing thing.   Once you hear something and think about it – it’s in there forever.   You cannot unhear anything.   You hear it, it’s in there.   However, you can change what it means.    You should at least consider changing what some it means.  Change it to something that serves you.  Something that empowers you.

Like Dr. Matt says “People with a phobia may or may not consciously know it’s cause, but the unconscious mind has the root cause stored away in its files..”   This is psychology speak for “The word you heard back in the day is not unheard.”

The key to moving forward and breaking Phobias, limiting beliefs, and the shit-we-tell-ourselves-that-hold-us-back is re-evaluating the “Where did this Brain-Rule come from?  Do I even know?  Why do I think ‘this is the way’?”    Then ask yourself one of the most important questions of your life:

Do I want THAT to determine my life experience for the rest of my damn life??!!!

If the answer isn’t “Hell yes!!!” – scrap it and redefine it now.  Do it yourself.  Research it a little if you need to.  Write new programming.   Write the programming based on what you KNOW now.   Not the old emotions.  What you know to be true.  If you can’t scientifically prove it true – it’s false.   Change it. 

Write new rules.  Write new meanings.   Write new programming where you are happy.  Write new programming where you win.