Once people have made a decision, the law of consistency will have them double down on that decision.  They will become even more certain that they are correct. Liking the product or service even better.

But within the love consistency, there is also the desire to just be done with decisions.  They don’t want to think about it any more.
So, if you can connect the decision to buy now with you as the path to the Lack-Of-Pain – you will be more successful.     If someone ask to think about your rate quote, ask about how many quotes they feel like they need to have an educated decision.   Are you willing to have your credit pulled 8 times.  Do you want to give your income and social to 5 people?   How many do you suppose you can call in this market before finding a liar?
How many houses are you willing to drive to, in this heat to find a different house?   How many more Saturdays do you want to give up?
How many more insurance agents do you feel like talking to about your finances.  And have them pitch you investment services.   Put you on their mailing list.
Once they agree with you, consistency says they will like you better.