“You have to learn to take chaos and turn it into order.  Because, you need Chaos.
Order comes from Chaos.  However you have to have chaos.   New growth comes from chaos.  New can’t come from order.  Order is Same.  Chaos is the only thing that can create new.”

Today’s Chunk of smart comes from the Jordan B. Peterson podcast.  It’s a great message for people who feel like their world is chaos….  As long as it’s chaos in the sake of growth or improvement.   As long as you are putting in effort toward a improvement.

I actually went and wrote it on the chalk board in my kitchen.

New growth cannot come from order, it must come from Chaos.   That’s awesome and so true if you stop to think about it.   Order is the normal.  Order is the known, it’s The Same.   You must break from the norm to get new.  You must break from order to get better.

Grab any item in your life.  Literally anything.   Look at it, stare at it.   Now come up with an idea to improve it, that is within the normal and known ways and uses of the item.   You can’t.  You HAVE TO break from order and enter Chaos.

Everything new must come from Chaos.

That’s not true, what about new trees?  That’s not Chaos.   And you are right.  New trees are not chaos.   They are also not “new”.   A grown tree drops an acorn, which lodges in soil, absorbs water, photosynthesizes light, and becomes a tree.   It’s happened billions and billions of times.   It’s not “new”.

Go invent a new kind of tree that doesn’t exist!   To do THAT you will have to leave the normal way of doing things.  You will have to journey in CHAOS.

Take CRISPR for example.  If you are not familiar, definitely look it up.   It’s probably going to change the world.    We are going to have to wait and see if it’s for the better or worse, though.

In short, CRISPR is the real-life technology for editing the human genome.   Some people think it is the technology that will allow us to remove diseases and disorders at the DNA level.

This world changing technology was discovered when scientist were studying an unusual bacteria culture found deep in a cave – then ACCIDENTALLY cloned it.

How’s that for taking Chaos and applying Order?

So as Peterson so nobley explained – You must find a way to put order to Chaos.  But you also have to put yourself into Chaos.

It’s also interesting that even Carl Jung discussed Chaos and how it was often portrayed as “the feminine” in Greek Mythology.    Because Chaos/The Feminine is responsible for “primordial chaos that gives birth to all of the gods/life”.  Because Chaos is the Mother of all new things.