Whenever possible present your prospects with 3 options.   The power of “You have 3 options” is mighty.  

Though it’s really important to seem impartial.

Whenever possible, present your clients with 3 options.   Even if 2 of them don’t make sense.   Doing this will lower their feeling that you are forcing them into an option.   One of the big worries in the minds of prospects is that you don’t have THEIR best interests in mind.  That you are only going to sell them the the best option……for you.

By giving them 3 options they will feel they are running the show and making the choices.   Robert Cialdini showed in the landmark book “Influence”, the desire to stay consistent with something we previously said is one of the 6 most powerful forces on the human mind.

My Clients are completely free to purchase absolutely any choice they want ….
from the list of options I have given them.

The even more important implication is the elimination of the “Yes/No” option.   If I give you 1 option the implied question is “Do you want this or not?”    Therefore “NO” is 50% of the options.

Saying “You have 3 options,  A, B, or C” is actually straight up saying that the only options they have are all YES.   Of course, they still have the power to say NO.   However, “NO” is now only 25% of the options and you JUST TOLD THEM it wasn’t an option.

This method also gives you a chance to be the expert.   That’s why I said to present 3 options even if 2 don’t make sense.   Your clients will feel like you have thought about their wants and needs, and evaluated their best options.

Exactly what an expert would do.

When I was selling mortgages I trained my new sales people to do this all of the time.   We would pretty much always present and explain 3 options.   It might be a 30 yr fixed, 15 yr fixed, and 5 year fixed.   Or it might be a simple refinance to lower interest rate, then a cash out refinance to pay off credit cards as a 30 yr fixed and a 5 yr fixed.

Then, to stay impartial, we would explain the merits of each.  The pros and cons.  The 30 yr is safe and stable.   With the 15 year we would show the 10’s of thousands of dollars of interest savings.   The 5 year used to be able to show the lowest possible payment.

We would also discuss why potential options don’t make sense.  Because that is what someone who is looking out for their best interests WOULD do.

Close with “Which of the do you prefer?”    And agree with them.

This works with homes, cars, insurance, and whatever you are selling.

So when you are thinking about 3 ways that this tip can help you sell more, are you going to tell 2 friends about the WTMS Blog, 3 Friends, or Share this on social?   You have those 3 options, which is easier for you?

Today’s Chunk of Smart was sourced from “Exactly What to Say” by Phil Jones.  It’s real good.   I added more to it from my brain.




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