I you don’t know yet – I am a big fan of Tony Robbins’ material.   Particularly his older stuff.   I actually resisted him for a while, because I have a tendency to avoid things that I (judgmentally) think are “overhyped”.   I ended up finding his material after falling in love with Neuro-Linguistic Programming then looking up “NLP for Sales.”   Yeeeeaaahhh, turns out he’s pretty awesome when you understand what he’s REALLY DOING and why it has such an impact.

Today’s chunk of smart comes from his seminal program “Unlimited Power.”   It just…..makes…..sense

7 Disciplines of Success= Agreements to make to have the quality of life that we want
1.      I always act from personal power=  means you always have the ability to take action.  Fear is the most common preventer.  Fear of failure being the most common.
a.       I realize there are no failures, there are only results or outcomes.  I always succeed in producing a result.
                     i.      Don’t store it as a result, just change your approach.
b.      Successful people don’t believe in failure.  If nothing else, you succeed by learning.
i.      People who know there is no such thing as failure get paid very well.  Because they can do something most other people cannot do.
2.      I am totally responsible for my world.  I create my world.  =  everything in your life is there because of something you did or thought, on some level.  Since you can created it, you can change it.  Your are not a creature of circumstance.
3.      I am always stretching=  If you “can’t”, you MUST.  Helps you discover that you can do things you didn’t think you can do – and look for new limits to break through.  It’s amazing what you can do, when you HAVE TO.
a.       First Key- Make a commitment to yourself to do something that seems beyond your present ability.
b.      Make it public.  Then you know that you have no way to go back.
c.       Model someone who is already getting the result.
d.      You must do it.  When you don’t know what to do, act as if you do.  Let’s your access your true abilities.
4.      I am committed to unconscious competence.  Rather than cognitive understanding. =   Don’t need to know everything about electricity to flip the switch and get the light.  Just pick the fruit, and study the roots later.
5.      I always act from personal integrity=  Integrity actually means wholeness.  Means being true to themselves.  Their integrity may be different than yours, but doesn’t mean they are out of integrity.  “No matter how thin you slice it, there are always 2 sides.”
a.       “I always lie with integrity.”    Our beliefs are only our beliefs – and they can be inaccurate.  They are not written in stone.  We may decide to change them in the future, given certain info.  Keep your beliefs as long as you believe them true – and make sure your daily beliefs match your integrity.
6.      The meaning of communication is the response that you get=  The world is a stimulus response.  Certain words, gestures, and tonalities are much more intense than others.
a.       Intention means nothing.  Intention provides a direction.  Results mean everything.  Keep changing until you get communication that works.  The meaning of communication is the response that you get.
7.      I am committed to do WEIT.  WhatEver It Takes to succeed (without harming others).  Glue that holds everything else together.
a.       The commitment to get it done is what pulls you through in the face of fear.  When you achieve a level of commitment, you will have to achieve it.