The Grand Formula for adding ANYTHING to your Life

Programming -> Thoughts -> Feelings -> Emotions -> Actions -> Results

In the initial post of this series we did an introduction to Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP).  Basically “how to program your life.”

Today we are going to go in dept on HOW do you use – and how you are already using- this to create your life:

The Process of Manifestation:

Programming > Thoughts > Feelings > Emotions > Action > Results

Programming:   Everything starts at the level of thought, or energy.   Someone gets a thought or inspiration from…..somewhere.    You might call it God, the Ether, inspiration, the muse.   Wherever it comes from, EVERYTHING  starts with the spark of an idea – which starts a vibration in someone’s mind.

And, if you don’t have one………you can program that too.    You can actually program yourself to have an idea.   It might start with an area of your life that you want to improve.   Think of the area you want to improve and lock yourself is a quiet secluded room for 30 minutes a day.   You WILL start having some thoughts.

Programming is about telling your mind what to do.   In a computer, a batch of silicon semiconductors comes out of an Intel assembly line blank.   Your brain is the same way.   It’s the programming of the computer (Windows/Mac OS) that is added later that makes it work.   Someone has to program the computer of your brain.    If you don’t do it intentionally yourself, someone else will.

Or, you can  learn this and do it with your employees and customers.

Like I said, NLP isn’t about right/wrong.   It’s about what’s effective.   Right/wrong is up to you.

The programming phase of NLP is what is often packaged and resold as “The Law of Attraction” or “The Secret”.   It’s where something is sooo damn interesting to you that you REALLY like thinking about it.   Hopefully you can’t stop thinking about it! The Law of Attraction/Programming phase of NLP is where you intentionally tell yourself to …..

Thoughts:  think about it more and more.  So maybe you put thoughts to paper.

Then maybe someone convinces you to put notes on your mirror.

Or maybe your create Affirmations.

You ever wonder where those tips of creating morning/evening affirmations came from?   The people who told you to tape a goal to your mirror every morning?   To write down and read your goals?   Yep, NLP.    Thoughts is the NLP process where you think about something enough to the extent where you…

Feelings: ….get an emotional response to it.   Where you start feeling a certain way when you think about it.   Where the thought vibration seems to go through your whole body.   Excitement.   Enthusiasm.   Where just thinking about the Thought (previous step) makes you feel good and energized.   You are obsessed with the dream.   And because it feels good, you think about it more and more until……

Action:   ….. Emotion creates motion.   You take action.   You love the dream so you take the first steps.  This could simple come in the form of a Google search and lead all of the way to applying for a job or starting a business.

It could manifest in tell/asking friends about it.    You are taking action on your idea until it becomes a plan.  A plan is a series of thoughts, driven by feelings, to create a course of action.

It’s awesome, crazy, and undeniable –  this path of manifestation.   For some people and some thoughts, this step could take minutes or seconds.   For others, months and years.

Generally, though, it’s pretty much continuous.     Your life is a series of this loop until it’s over…… Your Grand Result.

In our living lives, this loop of manifestation is continuous.   You have an idea.   So you think about the idea.   You see how that idea feels.   If it doesn’t feel good, scrap it.   Think about a new idea – or think about the idea in a different way.   Until you find an idea that…..feels….good.

So you think about it more and more, and the emotion builds and builds.   Until it turns into Inspiration – and emotion.

If that feels emotionally good enough, you take action on it.

And that will creates some sort of Result.    If you don’t like the result, you don’t want to give up.   “Don’t give up” is ……..mental PROGRAMMING.

You automatically go back to step one.   You/society had already “programmed” yourself with that notion.   So you think (“Thoughts”, step 2) “I need to find a way”.   Which will create a feeling and an emotions (“hell yeah” or “nope”) to drive a new course of action.

All seems super logical and “duh” right?    Yep, I get that.   Now, let’s look at using it to Intentionally Reverse Engineer our lives!

How many people do we know in our lives that were programmed by their parent on what they should think about.   Told what they should do, who they should be, and what they should want.   Many of them are programmed real good and go out and get it.   And are miserable!!

Look at all of the people who are told to go out and get married and buy a house.   Divorce rates, debt levels, and use of anti-depressants (prescription and non) are at all-time highs.   I think that it has a lot to do with so many people’s thoughts and actions not being congruent with their REAL feelings and emotions.

I read an article recently that was entitled something like “Explaining 10 things that Older Generations Need to Understand about Millennials”.    A couple of them were real good.   The one that stuck with me was basically “You all can’t understand why we aren’t in a rush to get married, buy a house and start a family.   You don’t consider that we are probably the first generation to see the previous 2 generations do exactly that – and be MISERABLE.”

It’s a good point.

This is why you are seeing more and more people advise young people to reverse engineer look at life in a different way.    To actually PROGRAM yourself to THINK about the things that make you FEEL good while doing.   Then, PROGRAM yourself to find (thoughts) ways to make is work (action).

A couple of years ago I was talking to my friend Steve about his nephew.   His nephew was in his late 20’s and was working on a business that us old guys (early 40’s and 50’s) didn’t completely understand.    I remember saying to him, “Well here is the thing I’m learning from a lot of the books I’m reading and podcasts and stuff:  With the internet, the world is connected in a way we can’t understand.   You can make $100k per year now adays doing ANYTHING.   But you have to do THE SHIT out of it.  You have to go all in.   You can make $100k doing doll house furniture.   But you have to do the shit out of doll house furniture.   Make 3 websites selling it.   Do a blog.  Do a podcast.  Create a chat room.   Talk to people in chat rooms.   You have to do it like crazy!!!!   But for some people, that’s better than sitting in cubicle calling leads.”

In fact, recently a kid won $3,000,000 for winning a video game tournament.  Ridiculous – you think.   Is it?   You want to say “these kids don’t want to work, they just want to play games.”   Oh, games??   Games like the millionaires in NBA and NFL that get millions playing a ‘kids game’?     I double dog dare you to work the next year on hour job for the hours and intensity that the $3 million kid played his video game.     It’s these kids who built their lives around what makes them feel good – and going all in on it- that have created a MULTI-BILLION DOLLAR esports business.

The results that are generated by NLP can be seen in every aspect of human achievement.   In this series of posts (every Tuesday and Thursday) we are going to look at the underlying rules or tenants of NLP.  They are also known as “presuppositions” or “convenient truths.”   If you understand and incorporate these truths into your life, you will live better and achieve more.  Money back guarantee.

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