That Word that you just Heard can Never Be Unheard.

Future Pacing

Putting somebody in a time other than the present puts them into a trance. If you ask them to imagine what it would be like to be in the future and think certain things, you are putting them into a trance and at the same time asking them to imagine the things you are trying to suggest to them. This is very powerful, not only for the obvious reasons, but also because anything that someone visualize or imagine own thought. they think is theirs.

So here is the form of a time distortion suggestion: “Imagine a time, perhaps a few months from now, when you can look back with pride at the agreement to get this product today, empowering your company with this resource, a decision that you will have related to your friends in your company with pride, feeling really good knowing that you did well for your company, a decision your friends will be proud that you made.”

Let’s go over this time distortion suggestion bit by bit. “Imagine” is a trance word.

You can’t imagine anything without going into a trance. This is a command to go into a trance.

Remember, anything which requires someone to go into their imagination or their memory causes a trance.

In this imaginary future world, the objections of the other Sales Professionals are quite forgotten, and a. nixed feelings that the customer may feel right now are likewise long put out of his mind.

What people imagine, they accept as their own thought-because, after all, they are actually mentally bringing it into existence. Therefore, you should try to lead people by their imagination. You do that by vividly and accurate describing the thing you want them to imagine, or by asking them questions that will cause them to imagine those things.

“What would it be like if you were able to bring in a business deal today that everyone would congratulate you on, that you would be proud to look back on in coming years?”

Notice the embedded command bring in a business deal today that follows the trance words what would it be like if.

That Word that you just Heard can Never Be Unheard.

The Quotes Pattern

My father often said that you will feel good when you make a good agreement.

Well-placed executives often say that a customer will have a lifetime of good memories when you make a business agreement with a reliable company that will be a partner in serving you for years to come.

The quotes pattern’s just that: you are quoting someone else. You didn’t say it.

Somebody else said it. There is no resistance to it against you. You’re just quoting someone else.

This is the easiest pattern for the beginning NLP Sales Professional to use. You can plot it out, write it out, and nobody will think the less of you. After all, even if you’re reading it, you just want to quote accurately.

My uncle the salesman often said that you can put anything in quotes at all, anything. But I didn’t say that. He did.