Symbolic Manipulation

The unconscious thinks in patterns, and communicates in symbols. Some NLP experts take advantage of that and manipulate people by the following method:

  1. They elicit an emotional or psychic state, identity or body sensation. This can be done by describing the state, or asking questions that require the subject to think of what the state would feel like. Eliciting criteria is a powerful method of doing this.
  2. They turn the state into a symbol. “I had a customer for yea e’s still a good customer, and he said, “Imagine that feeling you feel is a wonderful, important, almost mystically powerful magic wand, or maybe a document from the distant past.’ I was a little put off when he said that, but then I got to wonder. Do papers have power?

And he himself was just an ace salesman.

Do this while you’re holding up the order form, or the electronic part, or something that might be turned into a symbol. This ex ample is a little over the top, but you can use something that is important in your sale to become the symbol.

They manipulate the symbol. “What would it be like if this paper were alive, pulsating, full of power.”

They link it to themselves. They physically put it near them, or say something like, “He said that the power this document almost seems to send out its signals to his CEO, who was very pleased with his purchases, almost like an electric vibration” or some such language.

They can use this symbol in other ways, such as in condiment anchoring. The use of the quotes pattern makes it less likely to get a skeptical reaction.

That Word that you just Heard can Never Be Unheard.