That Word that you just Heard can Never Be Unheard.

The final post in our series where we talked about Hypnotic Language Patterns.  When you work in sales, your job is not just to relay information – it’s to relay and build emotions.   People do not buy based on logic.  They buy off emotions and use logic to justify it with reason.   Hypnotic language helps you communicate on all levels more effectively.   Today we are going to learn many great language patterns from “Unfair Secrets of Hypnotic Selling with NLP” by Franz Anton Mesmer II.

What’s it like when you.

To answer the question you have to go into the mental state, into the trance.

“What’s it like when you make that connection with someone you really like? Your coworkers will be delighted when you bring back a profitable deal…”

The what’s it like calls up the trance state. Make that connection is a command to get rapport. You really like? Your coworkers is a punctuation ambiguity. The conscious mind separates the two sentences, but if you mark off the words by changing tonal ity and pausing before and after, the uncon scious understands the command you really like your coworkers, who will be delighted.

Why you just can’t help yourself

What’s it like when you just can’t help yourself, thinking about the great things that will happen when you make this purchase?

This is a command to give up independence dent thinking and will entirely. It causes a regression to a childish state; children can’t help themselves.

Have you ever….?

Have you ever had the strong desire to buy something that you know will really im prove your life?

This only looks like a question. It isn’t. It is a command–a very powerful com mand, which will be instantly obeyed by almost everyone, to go into a trance, to look inside one’s mind and pull out a memory. In this case it is the memory of a strong desire to buy something. What? You should be subtly pointing to yourself or your product.

What’s it like when

What’s it like when you have wanted to get something that you know will give you a really good feeling? Remember how it was when you were a kid, and you just couldn’t wait for Christmas? How does that feel?

This is not a question. It is a command to go inside, go into a trance, and imagine what you want them to feel. Then, anchor it, so you don’t have to do all the work to bring up that mental state again.