That Word that you just Heard can Never Be Unheard.

In our previous post:  we talked about Hypnotic Language Patterns.  When you work in sales, your job is not just to relay information – it’s to relay and build emotions.   People do not buy based on logic.  They buy off emotions and use logic to justify it with reason.   Hypnotic language helps you communicate on all levels more effectively.  

Today we are going to learn many great language patterns from “Unfair Secrets of Hypnotic Selling with NLP” by Franz Anton Mesmer II.

“Repetition of the suggestion is also a big help in gaining effectiveness.  That’s why songs repeat catchy “hooks”.

Putting people into a mental state, in which they are ready to do things that are appropriate for that state, can be fairly straightforward.  You either describe the mental state to them in vivid, accurate terms

You know, when you feel you just have to buy this thing…

Or you ask them about the mental state, and then repeat back to them the words they say

When you made a really great deal on something you wanted for a long time, how did it make your feel? Elated.  So how do you know you felt elated?

In order to describe the mental state, they have to go in to it., and since they have to access memory or imagination to answer, they are answering from a trance in which they are feeling strong emotions.  This kind of dialogue generally gets immediate results.”

This might come in the form of getting someone to sit down on the couch in a house you are selling and ask them about some other place they lived that “felt like home.”   Ask them “how did you know it was ‘home’ when you realized it felt like ‘home’.”

This is also a reminder of one of the most powerful mental models in all of sales:  Finding out how the customer will know when they have found the right deal.    Almost none of us are selling 1-off super unique products.   Are the customers going to LITERALLY call every vendor of the product and  select the cheapest?   No.  Ain’t nobody got time for that.   There are hundreds of thousands, if not millions of Realtors and Loan Officers, so they are not going to do listing appointments or get a LE from all of them.

So every single person has a mental model that they use to determine “This is the one.”   There has to be some way that they know when they have the person they want to work with.   It’s hardly ever solely over price.  The hard part is that they probably don’t have this model fully articulated in their minds.

But if you can uncover their model for deciding THAT, you just have to align with their needs.   This pattern teaches us that the best way to find out is to ask about good decisions from the past – then focus on the emotions and not the facts.

That Word that you just Heard can Never Be Unheard.