That Word that you just Heard can Never Be Unheard.

In our previous post:  we talked about Hypnotic Language Patterns.  When you work in sales, your job is not just to relay information – it’s to relay and build emotions.   People do not buy based on logic.  They buy off emotions and use logic to justify it with reason.   Hypnotic language helps you communicate on all levels more effectively.   Today we are going to learn many great language patterns from “Unfair Secrets of Hypnotic Selling with NLP” by Franz Anton Mesmer II. 

The “Competition Destroyer” Language Pattern.

You indirectly suggest that the competition isn’t adequate.

“When you finally decide that (competition product) isn’t helping you the way you really need it to, deep down, don’t we owe it to ourselves to talk again”

This can be used in many ways:

“Customer, when you see that you won’t be getting good service at <big company>, don’t you agree we need to talk about it again?”

“Customer,  when you eventually realize that the prices at <boutique firm” aren’t worth it, don’t you agree that we need to think more about working together.”

“Customer, when you realize and know that owning a house actually makes you money versus a lower rent payment – Don’t you think we should get you looking at houses of YOUR OWN?”

“At some point, you are going to realize that there is NO upside to having bad credit.  When you do, are you going to remember that we have a money back warranty?”

” If you ask my past customers, they will tell you that they always knew that I was working in their best interest.  So when you decide to buy a house, and want to have someone you trust deep down, don’t we owe it to ourselves to work together?”

“When you think about what you need out of this transaction, and realize that it’s too important to get it wrong, don’t you think we owe it to talk about how someone with 20 years of experience will get you a better deal?”