That doesn’t make any sense, right?   Why would I do that?    Well, in The Game of Life you are the only contestant, you keep track of the score, make the rules, determine the scoring system, and are the only judge and referee.    How in…the….hell….could you lose?

Know someone unhappy a lot?   Much of the time it comes down to how we measure our definition of “good enough.”  For many people reading this, our first monthly salary out of college was all the money in the world.  Now it’s probably an “OK” vacation budget.

Let’s do an exercise called “The 5 Why’s”.   I learned it working at the Ritz and it says that you can’t find the real cause of something until you go at least 5 Why’s deep.   So,

  • What is your definition of success or happiness?  What do you need?
  • Why do you need that?
  • Why do you need that, or what does it give you?
  • Why do you need THAT, or what does THAT give you??

The answer to this is probably closer to what you really value than the first line.   How do you feel about this value driving your life?  Do we need to reevaluate some things?  Is it possible to even achieve happiness?   If yes, then this is likely a new lens to use to make decisions about the future.   If no, might be time to think about getting a new map to success.