Rule 8: You are in charge of your mind, and therefore your results. 

I am also in charge of my mind and therefore my results.

It’s all about Empowerment.   You CAN create your own future.  NLP is entirely built upon the idea that “If any one person can do something or achieve something, everyone CAN do it.  If you study and model that persons thoughts, actions, any physiology.”

It doesn’t say ‘as easily’.  For example, there probably isn’t a model out there for me to win the NBA dunk contest at 6′ and 44 yrs old.  Because, as you re-read the previous sentence, there is no precedence for that to study and model.   However, I bet there is some training course that could probably get me to dunk within a year and a half or 2 years.

Though anything that is worth doing, that is of significant value to your life, is going to require effort.   Because, if you aren’t pushing your boundaries you are not growing.   And everything on this planet is either growing or dying.

Rule 8 says that this dedication starts with YOU being in charge of YOUR mind.   Whatever you set your mind to, you have to be all-in on.

Napoleon Hill said in his GREAT book “Think and Grow Rich” that you must go to battle with the willingness to burn the bridges behind you.  Which might be a little extreme.   But only a little…

“You are in charge of your own mind” means that you burn the bridges between your own mind, and it’s goals, from the outside world.   The roadway between you mind and the outside world must be a 1 way road going out.  Not in.  What the world thinks doesn’t matter.

The millennial-whisperer Gary Vaynerchuk is monumentally outspoken on this.   Proclaiming that what others think if your goals doesn’t matter.   A google search will likely turn up hundreds of clips of him talking to kids who have friends or family telling them that their ideas are stupid.   His most common answer is some version of “Are they Rich?  No? Then fuck em.”   Because Gary knows that you can make $100k a year doing anything in this world.    But you have to do THE SHIT out of it.

The great part of Presupposition 8 of NLP is that YOU are in charge.   You are the controller of your world.  You are the decider, the doer, the getter.   And if any other person has done what you want to do, there is a path.  It’s up to you to decide to find it.

If you are off the path due to some outside forces, you can get yourself back on course.  Because you are in charge of your brain and your brain is in charge of the world.   Your world.   It can do whatever, to say what needs to be send, to find whatever resource is necessary to achieve your goal.

All we need are resources.  Because our previous rules established that we don’t need to change ourselves as people.   We just need to add resources – ideas , thoughts, tools, learnings, exercises, discipline, drilling.  These are like aps to our phone that are out there in the world to be put in.

Every excuse people give for not being successful boils down to “not enough resources”.   Not just money or materials.  “I don’t know how to” is a resource.  But all this means is that you are not resourceful enough to get it!!

You are in charge of your mind.   If you are not in charge of your mind 100%, you are in charge of changing that.   So you are in charge of your results.   If you are not getting the results you want, you need to start by changing your mind.   Our first post of this series established the undisputed map of success as

Programming > Thoughts > Feelings > Emotions > Action > Results

So it all starts with your mind and your programming.   Want to take control back?   Here is ‘fun’ idea from the great Tim Ferris.  Open a journal entry where to you list the primary things that you are not happy about in your life.   Then journal on the ways that you are complicit in it happening.  Be brutally honest with yourself.  And be the strictest definition of CAN when thinking about what you can and cannot do.

Just because it’s may not be advisable, your actually CAN punch your boss in the face.   Haha.   Just using and extreme example to exemplify what I mean.   Or a more real life version is that you do have a mouth and CAN tell your parents to get out of your life.

Again, this exercise is not to decide to DO these things.   It’s just to create the freedom within your mind to see the things that are possible.   It’s the idea that creates the idea for the idea that works.

It’s one of the first steps down the first path of the million mile road to being in charge of your brain, that is in charge of your life, that is in charge of your results.

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