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Most Distractions Come Dressed As Easy Opportunities =  

  • Businesses die of indigestion, not starvation.  Entrepreneurs are often rewarded for changing directions.  Nothing works, change direction, nothing works, change direction.  Then something clicks.   So they think “When I change directions, good things happen.”  Then Entrepreneurs often glean the wrong lesson from a given failure.  Or miss the real lesson of a success.
  • The higher up in business that you get, the more attractive the opportunities of things that you have to say no to.  A common pitfall of entrepreneurship is to say yes to everything.
  • Success comes down to doing the obvious thing for an extraordinary period of time without convincing yourself that you are smarter than you are.
    • Find the thing that works – drives business- and keep doing it over and over.  Don’t get lured away by cute other ideas.   People get tricked into other, lower productive, ideas because they trick themselves into thinking they are smart.
  • Working hard and being spread thin are two separate dynamics.
  • “The first step to achieving a massive dream is conquering tiny impulses.”  You also have to recognize the small things you did to get to each step in life.  Create an undeniable stack of proof that you are who you say you are.  That you can do what you say you want to do.  Where it’s even undeniable to that part of you that doesn’t believe it.  Your shadow.  Your imposter syndrome.
  • Competence without confidence is a lack of belief.  Confidence without competence is self-delusion 

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