Once you have labeled an experience and given it meaning you have created the HEAVIEST LOAD in your emotional baggage.   Especially after you’ve established a series of similar events and interpretations as evidence.

This emotional baggage are your Limiting Beliefs.   These are the little voices in the back of your brain that that limit your life experience.   They are the things that keep your from doing the things that lead to “What you say you REALLY want.”

Or, as Dr. Matt James calls them, these are your “Unconscious Commitments”.     Without really deciding so, you have made an absolute commitment to yourself that you will never break.

The dangerous part is that you didn’t actually consciously do this.   You did it UNCONSCOUSLY.

The unconscious mind controls and runs roughly 95-99% of your consciousness.   It controls 95-99% of your body.   It controls 95-95% of how you interpret the world.

Want proof?   It takes something like 127 different muscles to touch your nose.   So it would melt your brain to consciously tell your body to drive a car.

The thing you have to realize is:   Your Unconscious Commitments (Limiting Belief) are just as ingrained into your life experience as “squeeze my hand.”

These decisions, beliefs, and commitments keep you from being, doing, having what you truly want in life?

What can you do about it?   A lot.  There are a lot of things you can do to help.   But let’s start with consciously looking at the labels you put on things.

When people come to you with an idea, how do you immediately categorize them?  Look at those labels.  Decide “are these worth an update?”

Just plain stop categorizing things as “Good” or “bad.”   Because the thing is – most things are good in some situation and bad in others.    So don’t categorize them as such.

Think of things as “useful”, “not useful”, or “maybe useful another time.”

And especially stop labeling people.   Especially yourself.   STOP any sentence that is “They are a…” or “I am a…”

From now on, labels are the enemy.   Happiness is our friend.

~~~ For more information from Dr Matt James check out www.NLP.com.   He’s awesome.  Do it.