Pre-Supposition #5: Everyone is doing the best they can with the resources they have available.

Behavior is geared for adaption, and the present behavior is motivated by a positive intent.

That verse was written on the wall in a Church I used to attend. I always liked seeing it. Seems like a good perspective.

When was the last time you spoke with someone, asked how they were doing, and heard them say ” Ya know. I really could really stand to have life dump a lot more on me. I’m a little light on responsibility.”

My guess is the high score answer is maybe 1 person – ever.  It never happens.

In our own minds, we always have soo much responsibility. Whether you are Elon Musk running 5 companies while exploring space AND dinging holes to drive in.  Or you are a normal parent with a job and kid responsibilities.

We are all doing the best we can…. Until!

Until life changes and we HAVE to do move.

Until you get offered that amazing promotion you can’t say no to.

Until you have that once in a lifetime opportunity.


You gain new resources to do more. You get a new tool (technological or psychological) to accomplish more. Maybe someone shows you something that expands your perspectives on what is possible.  THAT can give you a new, better definition of “the Best I can do.”

So when you are working with someone, you will do better at inspiring positive change if you:

(1) assume they ave going to operate from positive intent and choose options they think will have positive outcomes for them,
(2) they are going to do the best they can, and
(3) they will do more if you give them new resources that they believe will have positive effects for them.

This is how you Inspire people. This is how you lead.