Today’s blog post is from: Yes!  50 Scientifically Proven Ways to Be Persuasive
By Goldstein, Martin, and Cialdini
 Small little changes to your message can have drastic improvements in results.
Persuasion is science, not art.  And Cialdini is the master of studying and teaching that. 

Why should restaurants ditch their basket of Mints?

Most restaurants put mints by the door.  But smarter ones will present it on a platter with the bill.  Of course, social scientists did a study:  found that a modest increase of 3.3% in tips if they gave 1 candy per diner with the bill.  When gave 2 per person, increased 14%.

Reciprocity.  The more we give, the more we get.

3rd group of diners: first gave 1 piece of candy, then started to leave, then came back and gave a 2nd out of their pocket.  23% increase in tips.

3 Factors to Increase Reciprocation:

  1. Significance:  Giving 2 candies instead of 1.   Doesn’t necessarily mean costly.  But, special.
    Coming back to give an extra candy makes them feel special.  When people got 2 candies as SOP, didn’t get as much as when they acted like it was something special to get 2.
  1. Unexpected
  2. Personalized

You will notice that it doesn’t say “Expensive.”

When I was a bartender at the Ritz – I used to throw in a delicious chocolate chip cookie to the end of meals sometimes.   Particularly later in my shift when I knew that the remaining cookies were going to waste anyways.   No science though seemed to increase my tips.

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