That Word that you just Heard can Never Be Unheard.

In our previous post:  we talked about Hypnotic Language Patterns.  When you work in sales, your job is not just to relay information – it’s to relay and build emotions.   People do not buy based on logic.  They buy off emotions and use logic to justify it with reason.   Hypnotic language helps you communicate on all levels more effectively.   Today we are going to learn many great language patterns from “Unfair Secrets of Hypnotic Selling with NLP” by Franz Anton Mesmer II.


When you work this kind of word into the conversation, you are telling the subject to go into a trance.

“Relax, unwind, calm down, slow down, let go, loosen up, settle down, rest—all suggest sleep, and going into a trance.    Even though this is a sales meeting, we’re all here in a relaxed atmosphere, so you can just take a deep breath and let all that surface tension just melt. We’ll talk about these things, and you can relax and just talk about what you re ally want on a basic basis.”

Feel Comfortable

This is another hypnotic command. I want you to feel comfortable while I talk to you about this product. Can I get you anything to drink?

“When you buy a car of this quality you will feel good that you made a great decision for a long time.”

These should be easy things for you to talk about, so you can be completely relaxed while you tell me what you want.

“I want you to feel comfortable about buying this house.”