Doing what you think you do only get you to the 49 yard line.

How you make people feel while you are doing it is the other 51 yards.

That is customer service

I’ve said it before, and will probably say it again.   You probably don’t even realize that you are in The Service Business.   

If you sell something they can get elsewhere, you are probably in The Service Business.  Because we have all paid more money for things because we liked the service level there.

If you are a Realtor, someone has to like you well enough to work with you before they even SEE a house to buy.

You sell cars?  Yeah, there aren’t any other Honda Civics out there

I sell credit repair.   They want the stuff deleted.   Almost everyone wants to talk to me before they do it.   I’m in the service business.

“I’m a loan officer”  — Great, where the warehouse where they keep the boxes of mortgages.   Your company does mortgages.   YOU sell the fact that YOU will find the best one.  Hell, the guy in the office/cube next to you has the same thing.  They are 4 feet away.

My last post came from the same guy from the same podcast.   He established the new Golden Rule:  Treat others as they Would Treat Themselves.    This is going the extra mile……or 51 yards.

How can you make your customers feel special that doing this transaction with YOU??   What are you doing special?  What COULD you do special?



~~ From the Tony Robbins Podcast with Danny Meyer, Founder of Shake Shack and about 30 other successful restaurants.