Amazon describes the book “The Four Agreements” as offering a powerful code of conduct that can
rapidly transform our lives to a new experience of freedom, true happiness, and love. The author reveals the source of self-limiting beliefs that rob us of joy and create needless suffering. 

I describe is as the “best book per word” I have ever read.   This series is on the subsequent book “The 5th Agreement.”
Where they cover and expand upon the original 4 agreements – and add new wisdom.   

The Four Agreements are the tools for using your attention a second time to create your personal heaven, and the fifth agreement is the tool to win the war against the tyranny of the symbols. 

The fifth agreement is the end of personal transformation and the beginning of giving yourself the greatest gift that you can give yourself: The Gift of Doubt

Doubt is the tool we use to recover our faith, to take our power back from every lie and superstition we believe in, and return that power to ourselves. Of course, we can also use the power of doubt against ourselves by doubting ourselves, by doubting the truth.

Then instead of doubting yourself, have faith in yourself.

Instead of doubting the truth, doubt the lies. Be skeptical, but learn to listen.

In the dream of the second attention, one of the first challenges is the fear of being yourself — your real self.

How difficult can it be to have faith in yourself, to believe in you instead of believing in symbols? You can put your faith in scientific theories, in so many religions, opinions, and points of view, but this is not real faith. Real faith is to trust yourself unconditionally, because you know what you really are, and what you really are is the truth.

Your word becomes impeccable, and it’s impeccable because you have power over the symbols instead of the symbols having power over you. By the end of the dream of the second attention, the human form starts to break apart, and your reality changes once again.

It changes because you no longer perceive the world through a rigid structure of beliefs. The war is over because your faith is not invested in lies. Even though lies still exist, you no longer believe. As you know, the truth just is; you don’t have to believe the truth.

In the dream of the second attention, you begin to create your personal heaven on earth.

The moment is coming when you master awareness, which means you master the truth.

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