Rule #7:  The map is not the Territory.

Different people have different labels for different things.   The words we use are not the event or item they represent.

What color is a Stop Sign?

Go ahead and picture it in your mind. What does it look like ? What is the color? Is that your final answer?

Did you say “Red”?  And are you 100% Save that Is the correct answer and nobody could have another correct answer?

What if I told you that I just left Cabo San Lucas Mexico and A whole bunch of people say its Rojo? And it turns out they are correct too!!?? And just 2 sentences ago you were 100% that there could be No other 100% right answer than Red.

But it turns out THAT is correct too.

Ok,  you are probably saying “those are the same thing.” And I’m probably definitely saying “No they are not. They only have 1 letter in common and 5 that are different.”

To which you will say, “Yeah but…. ”

What I am trying to point out is that pretty much everything in our life’s experience is just what have decided to define them to be.

That’s worth reading again: pretty much everything in our life’s experience is only what have decided to define them to be.

That Stop sign can be defined as “Red” or “rojo”.  Hell, before you can do that someone has to establish “Stop Sign” in your mind.

Here is the trippy thing: Everything else in your life works exactly the same way. Up, down, left, right, good, bad are all relative definitions that have been constructed throughout our previous life experience.

“All things you see are just inferences based on patterns you have seen in the past.   That does not guarantee continuance in the future.

Everything we see/experience is a NAME for a PATTERN we have observed in nature.  The narrative is just the paradigm that we have given it.  Based on our past experiences, and the experiences of others.

Is a Red shirt still red if you are color blind??

Even all of science is still rooted in rules that assume it to be true.  These assumptions can change or be proven wrong.   Science is patterns and regularities that we put labels to.  That’s it.   There is no concrete logical reason to KNOW it will continue.

Consensus does NOT equal truth.”

In our lives we have all seen our definitions/judgments change.  We have changed many times through careful deliberation. Many were created in an I instant and never 2nd guessed. However ALL of them ARE subject to change and under our control. NLP is here to give you the resources for the Change.




Quoted section is not a direct quote but a summary of a podcast I heard with Firas Zahabi.   Zahabi is one of the leading mixed martial arts trainers in the world, coaching the likes of Georges St. Pierre and others.  He’s a smart guy.

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