An odd, fun, and effective way with mitigating negative feelings in the moment. 

When having negative emotions, the first step is realizing and labeling it.   So recognize “I’m feeling anxious” or “I’m having anxiety” or “I’m being negative” or “I’m lashing out on Anger.”

Then assign a Mental Hashtag to it…

So literally say (out loud or in your head) with a kinda silly voice “hashtag anxious” or “hashtag being jealous”.  

Interesting how it immediately de-charges the emotion of it just a little.

Not a cure.  But a fun little Pattern Interrupt.  To get the needle out of the momentary “bad groove” on your mental record.  




This came to episode 382 of the Tim Ferriss podcast with Safi Bahcall.  Click for Bio.  Short version:  He’s real smart