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The Slight Edge is…..!!!

The Slight Edge is a Game Changer.  Possibly the best methodology for achieving success that is undeniably effective and universal.   How does it work?

You have heard the expression that “A Journey of a Thousand Miles Starts with 1 step.”   This is true.
But it does not tell you how you get to mile 1,000.   The Slight Edge does. 

This fable tells us that the journey starts with 1 step.
The Slight Edge teaches us that the whole 1000 miles is 1 step.  Repeated.
It’s actually just 1 step – done about 2 million times.   The Slight Edge is about deciding that the life you want, is at the end of that 1,000 miles.  And that life is worth going 1,000 miles for.

The Slight Edge also knows that -if you don’t go on this journey – you ARE going to get left behind.

Whatever price you pay, there’s a bigger price to pay for NOT DOING it – than the price for doing The Thing.

The Slight Edge Journey IS committing to taking that 1 step.
Then another.  Then another.

Then you WILL see the Power of Compound Effort .  You WILL see that the more committed you are to daily slight improvement you are going to get in better and better shape.
Soon you will be running.   Then you will be a helluva good runner.
You might even find a bike along the way.  Or a Car.

And you WILL get to the Mile Thousand Land of your Dreams!!!

Or, you can ignore the Slight Edge – wait for a perfect plan – don’t take that first step – and stay in the same place forever.  Odds are – those are the only 2 options!    Make your choice now.

The Slight Edge is about finding, isolating, and doing the predominant things that made the top 1% the top.   There are very, very few people who achieved this status quickly or with few steps.  More likely, you just didn’t see what all went into it.

For Starters, Successful people (regardless of whatever criteria you use for evaluation) never blame circumstances, or other people. Successful people practice the daily disciplines that are assured to take them to their final destination.

The Top People go to work on their philosophy first, because they know that it is a source of their attitude, actions, results and the quality of their lives.  They understand the power of simple things.

The Right Philosophy -> The Right Attitude -> The Right Actions

i.e… Train your brain to want something bad enough to think positive.  Then do the right things over and over.

The top 5% know it isn’t about taking these Huge…..Giant……Steps toward success.  Or having a definitive plan.

You increase your success by doubling the NUMBER of efforts.  Not the size of them.
Little productive actions, repeated consistently over time—add up to the difference between failure and success.

  • Do you want to get in shape, but have been putting off the gym?  Then just go for a walk.  Even if it’s to the end of the block.   Just do it.  Bring a stick or a colorful rock or a piece of chalk.   Commit to walking a little bit further – or faster – every day.   See where you are in a year.
  • Want to make more sales?   Tomorrow, make a cold call.  Just pick someone and pitch them.  Make 1 new cold call per day, every day this week.   Then next week, make 2 per day.  The following week, 3 per day.   You will make more calls.  You will get better at the calls.  You will be the Top Producer in 6 months.
  • Want to get your 401k back on track?  1% it.  Tomorrow, increase your 401k deduction by 1%.   It will lower your gross check by 1%.   See how good you feel.  Then in 60 days.  Do 1 more %.   Then in 60 or 90 days – 1 more percent.    If you don’t have a 401k, set up an account at a different bank than you usually use.  Send the money there.
  • Go buy The Slight Edge and read 2 pages tomorrow.  Then 3 the next day…. You know where I’m going.

These are all just real life examples of using The Slight Edge for progress in our life.

Do you want to get your Dreams even faster?   Double your rate of failure.
If you double the your rate of failure – and keep your mind right –  you will 5x your pace toward success.   

If you Want the Power – You Must Do The Thing.  

The Thing – is that little improvement, that other people don’t want to do, that you repeat over and over every day until it’s a habit.    The thing the 1% do?  It’s doing 1%.   1% more today than yesterday.  Then 1% more than that tomorrow.   Do the thing, and you shall have the power. Make the decision.

Keep repeating the tasks and Train your Brain.
Every day.  Or twice a day
until it becomes a habit.

Make The Slight Edge a habit.  Because, once anything becomes a habit, the amount of “effort” it seems to take drops by over 50%.    You are doing it either way.   Every single day you have either been creating habits that serve you, or ones that don’t.

Habits that keep you the same – are not serving you.  Everything on this planet is growing or dying.   Set the Goal to live the life of your dreams!

Remember this: whatever price you pay, there’s a bigger price to pay for NOT DOING it – than the price for doing The Thing.

Set Your Goal:  You must make it specific, give it a deadline, and write it down. You must look at it every day.   You cannot wait on a brilliant blueprint that is guaranteed to take you all the way to the finish line. The point is simply to come up with a plan that will get you out of the starting gate.

There is no perfect plan.  Just take the first step, and commit to keep walking.

Do the thing, and you shall have the power.  Do the FIRST THING.  Don’t try to figure it all out.   But absolutely and positively DO IT.   Hell, it can even be to “think of an idea.”   As long as take action on specific and dedicated time to coming up with the idea.

If you want twice the success, double your rate of failure.  You need a First Plan so you can get to your Second Plan, so you can get to your Third Plan, so you can get to your Fourth Plan.

Also, leverage the Law of Association.  Find people who have done what you want do.  Find books.  Find websites.   You don’t need the whole map.  You just need the next step.

Just stay at it.  Slightly changing things.  Over and over.

 Show up > Be Consistent, Be Relentless > Have a Positive Outlook > Be committed for the long haul > Believe in the Goal > Be willing to pay the price.  

Consistently Repeated Daily Actions + Time = Unconquerable Results

Time is your leverage. Your pulley. Your force multiplier.   It’s also your most valuable asset.  The compound effect of incrementally increasing efforts Is inevitable!!!

Whatever price you pay, there’s a bigger price to pay for not doing it than the price for doing it.  The Slight Edge is your undeniable system to get it DONE.



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