Amazon describes the book “The Four Agreements” as offering a powerful code of conduct that can
rapidly transform our lives to a new experience of freedom, true happiness, and love. The author reveals the source of self-limiting beliefs that rob us of joy and create needless suffering. 

I describe is as the “best book per word” I have ever read.   This series is on the subsequent book “The 5th Agreement.”
Where they cover and expand upon the original 4 agreements – and add new wisdom.   

The Third Agreement:

Don’t Make Assumptions

The truth doesn’t need to prove itself; it exists whether we believe in it or not.

Lies only exist if we create them, and they only survive if we believe in them. 

Lies are just a distortion of the word, a distortion of the meaning of a message, and that distortion is in the reflection, the human mind. Lies aren’t real — they’re our creation — but we give them life and make them real in the virtual reality of our mind.

As artists, we’re always distorting the truth with symbols, but that’s not the problem. As we said before, the problem is when we believe that distortion, because some lies are innocent, and others are deadly.

If we don’t believe the lie, no problem.

If we believe the lie and try to impose that lie on other people, it can lead to what we call evil. Of course, what we call evil has many levels, depending on our personal power.

Remember, our dream is controlled by what we believe, and what we believe could be truth, or could be fiction. The truth leads us to our authenticity, to happiness.

Lies lead us to limitations in our lives, to suffering and drama. Lies have been running every show in our head. Humans create the lies, and then the lies control the humans.

Our society places a lot of importance on being attractive according to the images we see in the media — on television, in movies, in fashion magazines. If we believe that we are not attractive enough according to these images, then we believe a lie, and we are using the word against ourselves against the truth.   Truth is, our body is completely loyal to us, but we judge our body and abuse our body; we treat it as if it’s the enemy when it’s our ally.

What is the truth and what is the lie? Once again, awareness is so important, because the truth doesn’t come with words, with knowledge. But lies do, and there are billions of lies. Our belief system is just like a mirror that only shows us what we believe.

And we make it even more complicated because we think, and we believe in what we think. We make the assumption that what we believe is the absolute truth, and we never stop to consider that our truth is a relative truth, a virtual truth. Usually, it’s not even close to any kind of truth, but it’s the closest we can get without awareness.

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