In “Scaling up” author Vern Harnish gives you a brilliant and simple formal to plan your growth.    The only question is if you have the cojones to do it.

In the book he details an excellent Macro-to-Micro format for consistently achieving growth and keeping everyone engaged.   In his thesis, people will start staying from the most important goals (KPI’s) every 90 days.   It’s just how our brains work (on average).  So every 90 days, you get your key players together to see where your ship is and get it on the right track.   The macro level is

  1. Start at core values
  2. Use those to set year goals.
  3. Break those into quarter goals
  4. Set the things that need to happen to achieve those in the strategic
  5. Weekly meetings with stakeholders to report up on that.

Yes, we all hate meetings.   And it sounds like more meetings.   Fortunately he has an even better formula for how to make the meetings shorter, more concise, and valuable.   You should read the book, or just stay on