Many, maybe all, of the things we do, are an attempt to give ourselves a good enough reason to just be here, existing in the present moment.

Being choked during sex stops the chatter of our mind, as does drugs, as does alcohol, and fighting, and reading, and dancing on a beach to a DJ as the sun sets.

Our goal as awakened humans should be to lower the height of the bar of stimulus to a level where you can be present without having any of these inputs.

“If you can’t be present with a coffee, you won’t be present on a yacht.”

Think about how many times your presence has been hijacked by fears or worries or hopes for problems of the future, or regrets & victories around problems of the past.

As you flee from boredom before it even rears its head with a screen in your pocket.

We are so averse to time without distraction that we’ve become addicted to solving problems, so much so that we create problems purely for the purposes of solving them.

What we truly have is this moment.

~~  From Chris Williamson of the Modern Wisdom podcast