Today’s blog post is from: Yes!  50 Scientifically Proven Ways to Be Persuasive
By Goldstein, Martin, and Cialdini
 Small little changes to your message can have drastic improvements in results.
Persuasion is science, not art.  And Cialdini is the master of studying and teaching that. 

What’s the Hidden Danger of being
the Brightest Person in the Room?

When people are the brightest person, they don’t seek other people’s opinions enough.  They don’t get enough collaboration.

Research:  A leader alone will not produce as great of results as a group of all-inclusive cooperative unit.  The collaboration can stimulate the thinking processes you can’t get alone.  Someone’s comment can spark a path to solution.  Also lose “parallel processing”- if alone, have to operate sequentially.

The leader can have the final decision, but seek input along the way.   Also have better rapport.

Just have to assure everyone that all views will be considered, to avoid bruised egos.