Words have power and I can prove it.

That Word that you just Heard can Never Be Unheard

Did you know that advertisements can be written to be irresistible to the chemicals in my brain?  Which – actually – IS what advertising IS.

You will be amazed when you learn that your writing can actually tweak the chemicals of my brain to believe you – and love it.   Then your emotions will go from “shocked” to “yeah duh” when you realize that advertisers, politicians, and media have been doing it to you for years.

Proof?  Ok.  One woman did it to the world many billions of times in the 50’s, 60’s, and 70′.

Agatha Christie is the Best Selling Novelist of all time.  Selling nearly 4 billion books.  And her writing was littered with hypnotic language patterns.  Coincidence?  I think not.

You will also remember this the next time you hear a medicine commercial and they play that soothing music to make you tune out the list of side effects.  Then dramatically end it with the embedded command to “Ask your doctor about SuperMegaPecia.”

Another great example is a lawyer who says something in court that they know the judge will “strike that from the record.”   Because they know, for the jury,…

That Word that you just Heard can Never Be Unheard

So when are YOU going to decide to use hypnotic writing in your business?
Wondering how?
Check out these great language patterns from “Unfair Secrets of Hypnotic Selling with NLP” by Franz Anton Mesmer II.

“The point of indirect suggestion is that it gets us around conscious resistance.  If we directly tell the customer, “You MUST BUY THIS!” the customer is going to rebel: “you aren’t my mommy!  Who are you to tell me what I have to do?”  So if you do it indirectly, your less likely to get resistance, but the unconscious mind, where decisions are made anyways, will understand what you have said.

The “the more…the more” pattern is an example of a language pattern that just hits your brain with a complete hypnotic baseball bat.

The more you look at this house, the more you get to like the living room, the more you get the feel of how good it will be when you live here, the more you will find yourself deciding that this is your house.”


The more your research mortgages the more you will see that we all just sell our loans to the same places.   To you will more and more realize that there isn’t much of a difference in products and you will see that you need to work with a true professional like me to make sure that you get the mortgage you need without hassle and problematic delays.

That Word that you just Heard can Never Be Unheard