A Polite Version of “Get your head out of your as……..”

One of my largest literary frustrations is that someone wrote this great, great sales book under an assumed name.   So I can’t find their later work.      But the book is mind bending.

Your words are powerful.   And this language pattern is a strong last ditch thought bubble to leave a shopper with.   We all get an occasional client that says they are going another route.   No matter how bad we know it will go.   So maybe come with a:

Realtor:   I get what you are saying.   When you finally decide that going with a listing service to and showing your own house doesn’t meet your goals, don’t we owe it to ourselves to talk again?”

LO:   No problem.  Though, , I like you.   So when you finally decide that the online lender is adding stress to already stressful purchase process, don’t we owe it to ourselves to revisit working together?”

Credit Repair:   I get it.   I have been doing this a while.  You don’t have the money to fix your credit today.   Just like you didn’t have the money when you couldn’t make the payments on the credit report.   In the future, when you do decide that harrying around this bad credit isn’t letting you move forward in life, don’t we owe it to ourselves to delete it?”