Reading Notes for:

Peter Diamandis’
32 Laws

20.  You get what you incentivize.

Anything important to you can be an incentive.   Money.  Homes.  Ferrari.  Feeling good.  Sense of accomplishment.  Resume builder.  Carrots and sticks

21.  If you think it is impossible, then it is… for you.

And you aren’t allowed to be mad when someone else doesn’t agree with your assessment and creates it.   But you should be.   You should be mad enough to learn your lessons.

22. An expert is someone who can tell you exactly how it can’t be done.

As the old story goes, Alexander Graham Bell failed thousands of times to create the light bulb

23. The day before something is a breakthrough it’s a crazy idea.

24.  If it were easy it would have been done already.

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