4 Primary Tools of Influence to use Daily

Rapport:  Bottom line is that people have to feel that you care about them and that you are like them.

Talk about mutual interest, ask questions about need needs and wants, gift (reciprocation), sometimes it’s by talking trash.  Stories.  Samples.  Compliments.  Startle them.  Sometimes just listening.

Just means that they respond to you.

Use of Questions:  Provides chance to see what’s going on in people’s heads and their beliefs.  Then show how buying is in congruence with their beliefs.  Test closes!  Get the customer involved and takes off the pressure of carrying the conversation.

Shows you care, builds rapport, and elicits reciprocation.

Ask questions that lead people into states where they want to buy.

Your own personal congruency:  People see that what you are saying verbally and non-verbally match.  Congruency is power, and comes from being certain about what you are saying.

Must rejuvenate daily to keep the law of familiarity from taking over.

State Management:  Must manage your own state.  Discipline your Disappointments.  Turn rejection around to motivate you.

Questions that always pop up:  What is it?  What’s in it for me?  And can you prove it?

  • Then, Will it really give me what I want?  Will it really be worth it?  What will other people say – can I justify it?  Do I really need it now?
  • Answer them before people ask.

You must stand guard at the doors of your mind.  You must manage your state.  Nothing has meaning other than the meaning that you attach to it.

3 Reasons for Failure

  1. They don’t have compelling enough reasons to give them the energy or the boost.   Not enough reasons to do the hard stuff.  Weak wants are the killers
  2. Limiting belief systems.
  3. Inability to consistently manage state.  Especially when times are down.  Ability to take tough situations and convert them quickly into empowering emotions.   Sell yourself on the pain that will be involved if you don’t manage your state effectively.  It’s ok to feel bad, as long as you are focusing into turning it around.

2 ways to change your State:

You can change the way you are feeling using your physiology:  Change the way you breathe.  Don’t change it by eating, drugs, or alcohol.  Change your posture, facial expression, sing, smile.    Example:  look at mood after lunch.

  1. Put your body in a place and let your emotion respond.  Motion creates emotion.
  2. Develop your own personal power moves.  Something quick to snap yourself into a peak state immediately.

Change what you focus on or how you focus on it:  Your internal representation.  How you visualize or see things.  Selling is controlling a customer’s focus.    If you don’t focus on controlling your own focus, how are you going to control the customer’s?

Learn to use questions.  This is to make them talk so that they feel involved.  To feel like this is THEIR decision.     If you want to be successful, you must understand the 80/20 rule.  They talk 80%.

You don’t want their answers, they want their reasons.  Their why?  “How does that make you feel?”

What are questions you can ask yourself to get yourself in state before a sales call?

  1. Don’t ask:  Is it worth it?  Am I wasting my time?  What if it doesn’t work?
  2. Instead:  I wonder how much they will buy?  How can I become the best right now?  How can I make them my friend?  I wonder how many referrals I will get?  How can I make this next call fun and interesting?