You cannot “get over” or “get around” most of your life’s problems.

He says the best way out is always through.  And I agree to that, or in so far.  I can see no way out but through.
– Robert Frost

Success is not THIS job or THIS project.  Success is your life.  The whole thing.

You are in this for the long haul.   You are not quitting and you won’t be counted out.  Nothing can stop you until it’s over.  Any setback is temporary.   It’s ok to feel discouraged from time to time – you are only human.   But it’s NOT ok to quit.  Just clench your teeth and keep going.  THAT is persistence.

Follow the process.   When it comes to our thought processes-  disorder and distraction are death.   A disordered mind gets distracted by “what if’s” and what is truly important.   It loses track of what is in front of it- what is important.   The process is clarity and order.  It keeps our minds on the goal and our perceptions in check, and our actions in sync.

Being trapped is a condition, not a fate.   You overcome it by addressing and eliminating each part of the obstacle through small steps and deliberate action.  Not through brute reactive force.    Excellence is a matter or steps, and following them without distraction.

You need to have goals so everything you do is in the service of something purposeful.  They give you direction and fill you with determination.  Makes obstacles smaller and more manageable.

When action is our priority, vanity fades away. 

Pragmatism:  What’s right is what works.  Let me say that again:   What’s right…….is……what….works.    Does it serve your purpose or goal?   If it does not maximize that end – discard it.

It’s flexibility.   Be ambitious, aggressive, and rooted in ideal but also realistic and practical.   Don’t be obsessed on perfect – think big but in terms of progress.

When we want something too badly, we can be our own worst enemy.  We get so obsessed with moving forward that we forget that there are other ways to get where we are going.

A castle can be huge and impenetrable.  Though, when surrounded, the castle becomes a prison.  Just takes a tweak in your approach.

Prepare for none of it to work.   In the meantime, cling tooth and nail to the following rule.  Not to give in to adversity.  Not to trust prosperity.  And always take note of fortune’s habit of always behaving just how she pleases.   – Seneca

Preparation is required if we want to keep our sanity in the face of disruptive uncertainty.  And one this is certain, adversity will hit at some point.   It’s inescapable.  So don’t shy or run from things that intimidate you.  Don’t take your weaknesses for granted.  Get rid of them instead.

The Art of Acquiescence:  On things that you cannot control, do not fight it.  Accept it.

Amor Fati:  A love of Fate.  Do not waste a second looking back at expectations.  Look forward to the challenge.  You need it.  Use it as fuel.

Even if your plans….or body….are broken.  Your will should live on.   Your perseverance is eternal.

The world seems to know when you are good at overcoming obstacles.  The world will continue to keep throwing them at you once they know that you can take it.  And that is good because  you will only get better with each one.  Each time you will expand your strength, perspective, and wisdom.  And your competition will fail.   What will be left is you – the best version of you.

Life is a marathon – each battle is only 1 of many.   But you must keep them all in real perspective.  Never attempt to do the impossible – but every thing up to that line.   Be deliberate.  Though never rattled.  Never frantic.  Always hustling and being creative.







From Ryan Holiday’s book “The Obstacle is the Way”