Today’s Blog post comes from 
“Cold Calling Techniques (That Really Work)”
by Stephan Schiffman
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Awesome Cold Calling Script Outlines.  Putting it all together.   The money machine is right there in your pocket.   Pick it up, put it to your head, make the money

Initial Contact Script

Good Morning _______, this is ____ from _______.  The reason I’m calling you todays specifically is so I can stop by and tell you about our new _____ program that increases _________.  I’m sure you, like _______, are interested in ________.

<positive response>  That’s great, ________ ; let’s get together.  How’s _____?

Third Party Endorsement Script

Good Morning _____, this is _____ from ____.  (Insert brief commercial on your company).  The reason I’m calling you today specifically is that we’ve just completed working on a major project for ______, which is extremely successful in increasing _____.  What I’d like to do is stop by next ____ to tell you about the success I had at ______.  How’s ________?

Follow up Script

Good Morning ______, this is ______ from ______.  A number of weeks ago I contacted you, and you asked me to call you back to set up an appointment.  Would ____ be good for you?

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