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Balancing Success & Feeling Content 

We sacrifice the thing we want for the thing that is supposed to get it.

  • Example: We sacrifice freedom for money in the hope that money will give us freedom.  Or WE break the law to get money that was supposed to buy freedom – yet potentially sacrifice our freedom.

Failure can make you miserable, but success will not necessarily make you happy, according to Alex Hormozi

Most of the games worth playing are infinite games, which is a concept popularized by Simon Sinek in the book The Infinite Game.  Infinite games have known and unknown players, no rules, and the point of the game is to keep the game going.    Finite games are like baseball.   Infinite games = Vietnam War (We were trying to win, they were trying to stay alive to keep fighting.

  • The infinite game always conquers the finite frame
  • You do not win by getting in shape, you win by staying in shape for the rest of your life.
  • You do not win by getting married, you win by staying married.

Success is an infinite game; the point of success is to do the things that make you successful.  If you are doing the things that make you successful, then by definition, you are winning.  The point of the game is to keep playing.

The three most common traits of hyper-successful people:

  • A superiority complex (feeling that they are better than other people and that they deserve more)
    • A big toward goal
  • Massive insecurity (feeling of never being enough)
    • A big away from goal
  • Impulse control that keeps them focused on the goal
    • Discipline to stay after it.  Shoot high, have a big tiger chasing you, and stay on the path

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