Criminal that is stealing your future success.   Hell, rough ’em up a bit too.   Shouldn’t take that long to find since they are right there between our ears.   Don’t worry, you will be able to afford a good lawyer to defend the assault charge against yourself.

The average person is average because he things average thoughts, and does average things.   Hmmm.

This goes along with another great observation of:  If I sequoia tree had the brain of a human, it would only grow 20 feet tall.

Grab my hand and let’s be honest with ourselves.   It’s time for some REAL TALK.  Let admit out loud to ourselves about the stories that we tell ourselves about the reasons we aren’t wwwaayyyy more successful.  At least in the areas that we would like success in (heath, wealth, relationships, etc)

And yep, it’s gonna hurt.

What does someone who is killing it in these areas do??

How do they act?  What do they say to themselves and others?

What do they do every day?

Let’s go and pretend to be them.   Do what they do!   Act how they act!

Then pretend we aren’t pretending.

Maybe even stop pretending.