You probably heard of his books.

If not, I would imagine you are at least familiar with the movies they became!

Money Ball

The Big Short.

If not, C’mon!    It’s freaking Brad Pitt and Jonah Hill, for God’s sake.

Michael Hill writes great books and people make them into excellent movies.   Mortgage people take note: His first book “Liars Poker” sheds a lot of light on why you do what you do for a living.   Was the first book I read for pleasure after college.

Well the author how has a podcast called “Against the Rules”.  Which basically tackles many thing going on in our world from a standpoint of “Why the hell…..”

In the 3rd episode, Lewis investigates some of the major issues many are facing with Student Loans and the credit bureaus. His main point being that it is the consumer’s problem when a fraudster rips off a bank or credit bureau information.

Why should it be the consumer’s problem that a bank accepted a fraudulent application?

This is even before you get to whether credit scores are inherently discriminatory.

Shifting this responsibility to a consumer finance regulatory, the CFPB, however has its own risks.     And costs.

Check out the episode on your favorite podcast ap or by clicking the image below:

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