Here’s recommendation.   Non-Sponsored and literally using it right now.   Brian.FM

Do you ever have a time that you need to concentrate on something while also wanting to listen to something?  Weird.  I know, right?   You don’t want to listen to something that will take 1% of your concentration.  But also the silence is too deafening?

Or sitting at a Panera working on a blog and there are 5 people catching up at the table next to you.  Loudly catching up.   Right…next…to…you.  Hypothetically speaking, of course.  And hypothetically they are 3 blondes and 2 brunettes.  3 wearing grey shirts and one in red.  Hypothetically speaking of course.   Haha.   But I digress…..

Check out the ap Brin.FM.  Once you go in, they have 5 different settings:   Focus (what I’m using right now), Meditate, Sleep, Recharge, and Relax.   Select your intention, throw on your headphones and go to work.

Brian.FM will play long stretches of uninterrupted, non-verbal, musical beats to fit your mood.   Drowns out much of the background noise while keeping your brain and attention in the right emotion.   It’s really cool.   I’m one of those people that pretty much as to sleep with a fan.   So I have used the “sleep” setting in places where I don’t have one.

Another suggestion comes from my awesome mentor Neil Strauss.   He turned me on to the artists Nils Frahm and Mark Richter.    Neil recommended Nils for music to write to.   And Mark Richter has an album literally named “Sleep”  which is an 8.5 hour concept album based on the neuroscience of sleep.    Yep.  You read that right.  Someone did that.   Feel like an amateur at what you do yet?  haha

*** I don’t know what Phase Locking is either.  Sounds cool though, right?!