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Becoming Supernatural

By Dr. Joe Dispenza

How Common People are Doing the Uncommon

When you use meditation to calm your mind, it lets you tune into other frequencies of energy and thoughts around you. Like tuning a radio.

– One of the big things you do during meditation is changing your focus from narrow focus – to wide focus. Focusing on nothing. Makes your mind more open.
– Moves your thoughts to more beta (conscious thought) to alpha (creative thought). Gets you beyond your analytical/critical mind. The autonomic nervous system.

Your body has a series of energy centers. Each of these energy centers have a connection to a set of organs, and hormone production. 1 center – KA – is outside the body and above our head. It’s our connection to the higher power, the ether, the muse.

– Energy flows from 1 center to another. If you are stuck in some area of your life, energy is getting stuck at its associated center.
– We have to do meditations to activate the energy centers to get unstuck. “Blessing of the energy centers” meditation.

All starts at the sub-atomic (quantum) level. Atoms are held together by energy. Combining or separating atoms makes them change their properties or characteristics. So changes of energy – changes physical existence.

– At scale, these become organs. Then organ systems. And all of them have invisible energy fields that influence their function.
○ People with organ transplants often have changes in preferences that often align with the donor.
– Can’t align your energy centers willfully. Your autonomic nervous system is in your unconscious. Can only do them with meditation. Breath is the key to this meditation.

By the time we are 30, most of who you are is a memorized set of automatic thoughts, reflexing emotional reactions, routine familiar attitudes, and unconscious habits and behaviors. 95% of who we are as adults is so habituated through repetition that the BODY is programmed to be the MIND. So the body is running the show – not the conscious mind. So only 5% is impacted by conscious thought.

– So, in order to create something substantially different, we must find a way to pull our mind out of the body.
○ Hint: his meditations

We create emotion from thought. The energy from thought then gets trapped in the body (3rd center – Solar Plexus). This stored energy produces a corresponding biological effect. Adrenal fatigue, digestive problems, weakened immune system, impatience, intolerance, control, hatred.

– Then your brain goes out looking for other like thoughts to match the feelings and the cycle completes. What fires together gets wired together.
– The breath is the tool to pull the mind from the body.

You are like a magnet. Your mind being one pole and your body being the other. When you are living in stress – or survival mode – you are constantly pulling energy from the battery. Your mind is pulling energy FROM the body and your body gets run down. Now you are not a magnet – you are just metal.

– Breath work will release body energy back into the brain. Been shown to increase Gamma waves in the brain. Which are more powerful than the Beta waves. Beta are produced when the body is stressed. When in Beta, the outer world seems more real. When in Gamma, your internal world can become more real. Making it easier to visualize dreams and goals.
– If you do the meditation, correctly, enough times the body responds as if the conditions you are manifesting have already taken place. These elevated emotions have a higher and stronger frequency. The more you elevate the intensity and frequency, the more energy becomes available to create the future. Make you feel more like energy than matter.

○ If, in the past, you have experienced a time of high negative emotion – it’s likely that it’s somewhat branded into your physiology. Genes activated by this experience may keep your body from healing. In order to change your body into a new genetic expression, the new emotion that you create must be BIGGER than the bad, past emotion. The amplitude of your empowerment must be greater than your pain or sadness.

Student have changed their gene expression by creating elevated emotions in just a few days, imagine what you can do in a few weeks. By practicing this breath technique to release the familiar emotions stored in your body, from thinking and feeling the same way. Your brain will think new thoughts equal to the elevated emotions. Your body will even produce new proteins to serve these functions.

Exercise –
your full intent should be to pull your mind out of your body.
Sit up straight in a chair with your feet flat on the floor. Or sitting on the floor in the lotus (cross legged) position, on a pillow.
Place your hands uncrossed in your lap. If you would like, you can close your eyes.
When you are ready, lift up your perineum (pelvic floor). The same muscles you use for intercourse and elimination.
Do not hold your breath. Breath normally.
Squeeze those muscles as tightly as you can. Hold for 5 sec. Let go
Do it again
Do it again
Gain conscious control over these muscles.
Contract the same muscles + the muscles in your lower abdomen. Pull the abdomen up and in, locking in these first 2 centers.
Hold for 5 sec then relax.
Do it again
Do it again while keeping breathing
Do the same plus your upper abdomen. Hold for 5 sec and relax
Do it again
Do it again. Do it a little tighter and hold them higher.

Take your finger and put it on the top of your head. Take your fingernail and work it into your scalp. Enough that you will remember that spot once you take your finger away.
Where you place your attention is where you place your energy. So that point is your target.
Put your hands back in your lap. Take 1 slow steady breath through your nose. Follow the breath through your perinium through your lower abdomen through your upper abdomen, through your chest, throat, and all the way up to the top of your head where your finger was.
When you get to the top of your head, hold your breath, and keep your energy at the top of your head. Let your energy follow your awareness.
Hold for about 10 seconds and relax.

Place finger on top of head again, and take it away, making sure that you can feel that point.
Rest your head on your side
1 more breath without contracting. Feel the breath going through your body to the top of your head.
Once it gets there, hold your breath for about the same amount of time you did before
Let your energy follow your awareness.

Take a breath through your nose, and pull those muscles up and in at the same time. Contract the perinium, lower and upper abdomen all at once. Squeeze the muscles in each center with the intention of pulling all that stored energy in the lower body into the brain.
Follow your breath through all of those 3 centers. Continue to squeeze those muscles, pull the breath up through your chest (4th center) then through your throat (5th center), and into your brain (6th center).
All the way to the top of your head. Keep your intention there. Hold your breath while squeezing your core muscles.
Hold about 10 seconds. Relax as you exhale.
Repeat at least 2 more times.

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