“You cannot merely pray away the evil.   You must face the evil and understand why it’s there.   There is a way that you can be unburdened from the evils of your life.   A path to happiness, peace, prosperity, and bliss.   The journey to this is started on a path of the understanding of the nature of evil.   You cannot ignore evil – it must be understood.  There is no reason to fight the chains that bind you.   You must find out why it’s there and what it wants of you.     So you must get outside of yourself.  Examine and understand yourself.   You must set out to learn the lessons that are meant for your edification and ultimate perfection.   For evil, when rightly understood, is not an ultimate power of the universe.   But a passing phase of human existence.   And it therefore becomes a teacher, to those who want to learn.   Through that, you can achieve its eradication.”                                                                                   ~~ From the book As a Man Thinketh  (not exact)

So what are the things that are holding you back from what you want today?   Because, THAT my friend, is the Evil in your life.  That is the bad man you let into the house of your brain to steal your future.  How and why are you letting that continue?   This bad man skulking around in your brain is your Limiting Beliefs.

A limiting belief is something you believe to be true about yourself, about others, or about the world that limits you in some way. These beliefs may hold you back from taking chances, keep you blind to opportunities in your path, prevent you from accepting gifts offered to you, or simply keep you stuck focusing on the negative aspect of your circumstances.   These are the actually-incorrect things we have come to accept about how the way the world works.

Here’s the thing:  If anyone else in the world is doing something, anyone else CAN do it too.

Dr Matt James of NLP.com had a great analogy to illustrate his perspective on limiting beliefs.   To paraphrase:   As people walk down the path of life they will invariably come across obstacles in the path.  It’s inevitable.   These come in the form of problems, impediments, and legitimately bad things that happen.   SUCCESSFUL PEOPLE find a way around, over, under the obstacle and put them in the rear view mirror.   Never to be thought of again.   UNSUCESSFUL PEOPLE say “Well, I guess it’s not meant to be” and give up.  Turn around and go back.   REALLY FUCKED UP people pick up the obstacle and carry it with them and actually show it to everyone they meet.   “I can’t do this because of XXX”.   But “YYYY happened to me.”   “I’m a ZZZ and we don’t do that.”

It’s not to say these bad things didn’t happen.  The question is:   How do they serve you in the future?

What steps can you take today to improve yourself in the direction of the eradication of your limiting beliefs?

Even if it’s just googling ideas, do SOMETHING.   Today.