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More Cold Calling Appointment Scripts

Prospect: Steve, we’re not interested in sales training.  We don’t believe in it here.

Steve:  I’m just curious…if you don’t use sale training, what is it that you do?  What do you do with your new salespeople?

Prospect: Well, we don’t really train them.  We simply have them work with the managers and when they’re read, they go out on their own.

Steve:  That’s great Mr. Jones!  Then we should get together, because we work with a lot of companies that have done the exact same thing.  How about next Tuesday at 3:00?

Prospect:  We don’t make those decisions here.

You: Ok.  I’m just curious, what do you do there?


You: What kind of training do you do?


You: You know, we really should get together then?

  • They may not make the decision.  But might influence the one that does.

Prospect:  Look, we just signed a contract with another training company

You: Well, are you using Brand X Selling Solution?

Prospect: “No, we’re not using Brand X.  We’re using Brand Y.”

You: Oh, then we really should get together, because what we do complements Brand Y.

  • I can throw out ANY company, any kind of product in my industry.  He will respond in kind by correcting me and telling me who they use.  Prospects LOVE to correct sales people).  And I’m going to answer “Then we really SHOULD get together.  Because what we do really compliments ____”

Talking to the Wrong Person:  Another mistake sales people make involves the way they respond when someone says “I’m the wrong person to talk to.”  Most lame sales people then ask “Who is the right person?”  Never ask that.

  • Instead, say: “Gee, I’m just curious.  What is it you do?”
    • No matter what they say, unless you’re absolutely sure this is the wrong person, you’re going to say “Oh, then you know what.  We should get together.”
    • If they most definitely are the wrong person, you will get an easier entry into “Oh, then who should I talk to?

This isn’t always going to be natural or comfortable.  Whether you’re comfortable with the program or not, you CAN honestly say “I can improve my odds.  I can get one more appointment a day if I simply employ these techniques.”  And if you give it an honest try, you’re going to do that.  And when you hear resistance on the phone, you’re going to ask a question and then you’re going to say “That’s great.  You know something, we SHOULD get together.”

Prospect: I’m really not interested

You: A lot of the people we work with said the same thing before they had a chance to see the way in which we complement what they’re presently doing.

Prospect: Yeah, but you know, we’ve had a difficult time with your company before.

You: Can I ask you a question?  Who presently supplies your light bulbs?

Prospect: Well, we use XYZ Company.  We went with them instead.

You:  Oh, no kidding.  Then we really should get together.

Prospect:  No, I really don’t think so.  Why don’t you send me information.

You:  Can we just get together?  How about next Friday at 3:00?

Prospect: No, I’ll tell you the truth.  I’m not really interested.

You:  Ok, thank you.

(hang up.  Can’t win them all.  Greatest hitter ever only got a hit 40% of the time in baseball)

Prospect:  You know, we really don’t have any kind of budget for that.

You: No kidding.  Well, just out of curiosity, are you working with anybody right now?

Prospect: Sure we are.  We have the 123 Company right here

You: Are you using their ABC Product?

Prospect: No, we’re actually using their BC2 product

You:  Really?  Then we should get together.  How about next Friday at 5:00?

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