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“Cold Calling Techniques (That Really Work)”
by Stephan Schiffman
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A ledge allows you to handle and extend the conversations during your cold call.   Better learn how to Ledge like a Pro.   Ledge pros get that money.  Want scripts?  We got scripts.  Click

Chapter 6: The Ledge

A Ledge allows you to handle and extended conversation during your call.  It doesn’t limit your conversation.  You use the ledge to support your conversation as you’re uncovering what it is that they do, how they do it ,when they do it, where they do it, etc.

  • Then The Ledge lets you take that information and turn it around to say “You know something?  That’s why we should get together.”
  • A Ledge uses the first question or negative response as a foothold to turn the prospecting conversation around.
  • Remember: the number one reason you are calling is to SET THE APPOINTMENT.  But it’s easy to get involved in everything but setting the appointment.

Always be turning it back around to your goal in the call!!!  Be prepared.

Client might say:  “Really, we might be interested in that.  Tell me about it.”   Noooo!  That’s not what you want.  You want the appointment.   And you don’t have enough info to make a recommendation.


Steve: Good Morning Mr. Jones, this is Steve Schiffman from D.E.I. Franchise Systems.  We’re a major sales training firm in New York City.

Mr. Jones:  No Kidding!  You know, we’re thinking about doing training.  So, tell me – what do you guys do?

<I can’t say to him “I can’t tell you what we do”>

Steve: Well, we’ve been in business for 17 years.  We’ve trained over 500,000 salespeople.  I’ve written a bunch of books.

Mr. Jones: What kind of programs do you do?

Steve: Well, I do cold calling, prospecting, management and

Mr. Jones: Really!  How do you train cold calling

<give a brief answer>

Mr. Jones:  “Well, what’s your price?”  So, now I have to deal with that.  Can’t say it’s classified.

Steve: The range is between X and Y

Mr. Jones: Wait a second, that’s way too expensive.

Steve: (instead of fighting) Mr. Jones, a lot of our customers initially had the same reaction until they actually got a chance to see the benefits.  You know, we really should get together.

  • The Ledge was: “A lot of people have said that initially, until they see the benefits.  We really should get together.”
  • Use it to regain control.  Get back to working toward YOUR goal.

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