Incantations:  What we repeat with enough emotional intensity that we become certain about it.  Then when we are certain it becomes our beliefs.  Our beliefs drive our actions.    Gets you to your level of your highest strength and power.

These are different than mere affirmations.  Incantation require more visualization and incorporate your body.  Include a specific ‘anchor’ action.  See yourself in the desired result.   Say it with emotion and conviction.

You must engage the words and the actions.   Use your body’s motions to make you totally congruent.  Can’t give an emotion you don’t have to yourself.  In order to have customers who have the mood and attitude that you want them to have, you HAVE TO put yourself into a higher version of the same state.

Do it out LOUD!    You can make them be inCANtations not inCANTations

Incantations use anchoring to trigger your brain to stay in a peak state with a Swish Pattern.  This is your way to reverse engineer Pavlovian Conditioning in your favor.

Imagine in your mind of an image that doesn’t make you feel so good. An image that stops you.   Picture that picture sitting right in front of you.  Take that negative image or thought process and use it to be a trigger to make us bigger and better and more.

  • Think of that negative image. The image of something that stops you.  Maybe when prospecting.  Create a visual representation of it.  When you think of “the thing holding you back” what picture comes in your mind.  It doesn’t matter what it is.  Use whatever pops in your mind and take a mental picture.
  •  Then open eyes and forget that image.

Now build the image of yourself as the person you would be who is successful, and how you would want to be.  Someone who acts like you would act, stand as you would stand, dresses/walks/talks/acts like someone successful.  Treats people as you would.  The image that motivates you to do anything.

  • Work on it until you make it vivid and big and bright and colorful.  Might be doing something.  You want it to be the brightest and most glowing representation of what you want life to look like.
  • If not good at images, make it a tone of voice.

Now take the bad image and feeling and pull the good one through and pull it through and explode the bad.  Use your hands.  Wake a “WOOOSH” sound and use the good one to shatter the bad one.

Every time you do it, feel the feeling.  Keep doing until it works. 

Every morning create a Ritual:  Ask power questions – swish patterns- and physiology moves.  Every day. 

It feels weird and seems odd – but so does AMAZING SUCCESS.   If you want Average – do what Average people do.